Meet our volunteers: Madihah’s Story

Each year at the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, around 400 volunteers support services across the Trust. The CAMHS Mentoring Project matches young volunteers on a one-to-one basis with young person currently using one of our services. The pair meet regularly to access community activities together and build a relationship. Volunteer mentors are someone the service user can have fun with, try new things with, and talk to for informal support. 

Madihah, currently a volunteer, shares her experience of the project and how she believes the programme can support young people with their mental health.



CAMHS Mentoring Volunteer

Volunteering in the CAMHS Mentoring Programme has been an amazing learning experience, where I could build on and practise important skills like self-reflection, setting boundaries, and being a supportive role model to a young person. I came across the programme while completing my Psychology degree and was eager to join as I was looking to gain experience in supporting young people with their mental health. As I am aiming to complete a doctorate in Clinical Psychology in the future, this programme has been invaluable in building my knowledge of the mental health sector.

Working with young people has been something I’m passionate about, especially as I am currently working in a secondary school as a teaching assistant and learning mentor, supporting Special Educational Needs (SEN) students and providing pastoral care to all students. I’ve been able to transfer my skills from my professional life and provide my mentee with the best resources to improve her confidence and gain access to further education. Not only that, but this programme has also allowed us to create a friendship where my mentee could feel comfortable to talk and be open about her struggles. We were able to build our connection through shared interests like visiting museums and talking about our favourite tv shows. This opened up the door to conversations involving deeper topics and any worries my mentee had, which we discussed.

Over the past eight months, mentoring has allowed professional growth for me and self-growth for the both of us. It is something that I feel anyone can benefit and learn from, while also being able to witness the rewards of providing essential care and support to a vulnerable young person. I could not recommend it enough!

You can find out more information on how to join the CAMHS Mentoring Project and other volunteering schemes the South London and Maudsley Trust has to offer:


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